We do two styles of trew – Military which sits where a kilt does at the belly button, is worn with braces and has a fish tail back. Argyll style trews are like suit trousers and sit lower on the waist. All trews have a french bearer and are 3/4 lined inside at the front 

You need to let us know if you wish for side adjusters or belt loops,   straight pockets or slanted pockets, button fly or zip fly and if you wish for back right hand hip pocket or left hand hip pocket, both or non. 

Waist measure- For military the measure needs to be at the belly button and a measure close to the skin.  For Argyll trews it is a lower measure where your normal trousers would sit. 

Hip measure – a loose measure at the widest part of your seat to allow yourself to sit but not too loose. 

Outside leg- Measure from where you measured your waist down to how long you want the trews to be.  We advice you ask some one to help you with this measure as you must stand nice and straight, don’t look down.  

Inside leg – Pull your trouser up nice and neat and measure the inside leg to how long you want it to be.  Their should be a 10″ difference in this measurement to the outside leg. 

Thigh – A loose measure at the thigh. 

Calf – measure around the bottom of the leg, think about how wide you would like the trews to be at the bottom.  If you wish for it to be normal it is normally around a 17″-16″ measure, if you want slim it is normally around a 16″-15″ depending on how slim fit you wish it to be.