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Great kilts has recently brought a large collection of Tartan Kilts and Scottish Kilts to the market. All these kilts are custom-fitted and incredibly comfortable to wear, while still embodying the proud heritage of Scotland’s national dress. People around the world are beginning to appreciate the timeless style and craftsmanship that goes into these versatile garments, making Great Kilts’ products an increasingly wise choice for any kilt-buyer. Whether for a special occasion or just everyday life, Tartan Kilts and Scottish Kilts from Great Kilts provide comfort, quality, and fashion that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Scottish kilt is a style of clothing that first came into common usage in 1720, when the British military adopted it as formalwear. Tartan kilts were the first type to be used, and they were mostly composed of a handful of colors. However, trends have changed over time and now kilts are manufactured in materials such as leather, camouflage and cotton as well as a variety of hues. A kilt crafted from leather is often referred to as a leather kilt, while one constructed out of camouflage fabrics is known as a camouflage kilt. Kilts are considered a comfortable piece of clothing suitable for everyday wear at work, during hikes or special occasions such as weddings. Great Kilts offers customers the highest quality kilts at an affordable price range.

Scottish kilt: 

Scottish kilts are a distinctive and iconic garment, renowned for their unique design, construction and convention. Usually constructed of pleated tartan cloth, Scottish kilts make an impressive sight on formal occasions. The tailored garments have been worn by Scottish men since the 16th century, traditionally being draped over the waist and reaching down to just above the knee. It is customary that Scottish kilts represent family lineage as each tartan has its own distinct pattern with Scottish clans having their own specific designs to distinguish them from others. To this day, Scottish kilts remain a popular mode of dress for special occasions for people of Scottish heritage all over the world.

Tartan kilts: 

Tartan is a traditional fabric of Scotland that has its origins in the 15th century. Made of tartan cloth, tartan kilts are an eye-catching statement piece that pays homage to Scotland Highlands’ tartan weaving history. This type of cloth consists of tartan set interwoven stripes which are made with horizontal and vertical colored lines that have been dyed using local plants, mosses and berries. This tartan is thoughtfully crafted on what’s known as a kilt master by talented and highly trained tailors, who ensure that each tartan kilt will be carefully and beautifully designed. Tartan kilts are warmly treasured, not only for its great design but also for its long history, signifying every wearers’ Scottish ancestry or patriotism.

The traditional Scottish kilt has a long and varied history, with its distinct style evolving over time. Where once kilts were only made in wool, the modern-day version brings a selection of stylishly updated materials, allowing for even more choices when it comes to wearing them. The contemporary kilt is now available in leather, camouflage and cotton finishes, with a range of colors sure to bring any look together. Leather kilts offer an edgy, bold style while camouflage kilts are well suited cool and contemporary vibes; plus there’s also the classic cotton kilt for those wishing to remain true to the original design. Never has embracing Scotland’s national dress been so much fun or easy.